The Mission of Second Rise Kitchen

Work Ready Instructor Daniel Smith helps his students to find – and keep – meaningful employment.

Our mission is to create opportunity for the hard to employ in the form of culinary job training, hands-on experience and job placement, so that in transforming themselves, they transform their communities. Our culinary program is part of the comprehensive continuum of services available through the Martha O’Bryan Center, a family resource center in East Nashville, Tennessee.

By enrolling unemployed, underemployed and previously incarcerated adults in a 16-week professional education program, we offer a constructive solution to the interconnected problems of poverty, hunger and unemployment in our community. Our goal is to prepare them for success in the kitchen and in life. This is a solution that works for everyone: employers get qualified employees, and men and women in need of employment get meaningful work in their field of interest.

At Second Rise, we use food as a tool to build community partnerships that support people who are making the transition to self-sufficiency. And if you are supporting this enterprise through the purchase of our products, you are getting tasty baked goods made from the finest ingredients available.

With each purchase of our baked goods you make change possible. Eat to feed hope.